Posted on: September 18, 2017

Moundridge Couple Brings Taste of Central America to Kansas

Legacy Farms

A Moundridge couple are bringing the taste of Central America to Kansas. Ashley Williams says he bought his first farm in Honduras by accident while looking for land to build houses for a mission project. He kept it a coffee farm to produce income to support projects. In 2014 he found a larger farm and moved there to get it up and running. Now that farm is nearing full production and Williams and his wife Julia have moved back to Moundridge, Kansas where she was born and raised.

Ashley who is from Tennessee met Julia in Honduras while they were both there on separate mission trips. The couple married in 2002. Today they have two sons, Jonathan who is 12 and Eli is 7 years old.

Their farm in Honduras is called Legacy Farms Coffee. It's there that they plant seeds and tend to them for three years before they harvest, dry and roast the coffee beans.

Ashley Williams said their goal is to have a farm that pays better and gives the workers in Honduras work 12 full months each year. They have projects on the farm such as giving away chickens to poor families and giving out coffee plants to tiny farmers to help them get started in the coffee business.

Now they are working with a U.S. supported college there that will provide two free clinics each year with free medicines for the locals. They also hope when the farm is in full production they will be able to build a house each year with the profits.

Now that they are in Moundridge, Kansas and have joined the local Chamber of Commerce they hope to connect with mission minded people to help them sell their coffee and continue to provide more to their community in Honduras.

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