What can a small town offer in terms of shopping?

Well, have we got news for you!  Moundridge has a surprising number of shops featuring just about anything you want or need.  But the best thing about shopping in Moundridge is that the stores are more than likely run by the owners, and they really try to accommodate your needs.  Our Customer Service is:


Shop owners are your friends and neighbors, their kids and your kids go to school and play sports together, and your families go to church together so it is important to our merchants that you are happy with your purchases.  If they don't have what you need in stock, they are happy to order it for you.  These people are honest.  They understand their success depends on your business, and they want to be sure that they can do everything in their power to earn it.  They will go the extra mile.

By shopping with local merchants, every dollar you spend circulates through the community from 3 — 5 times, keeping our community strong.

You support the community where you shop.  Check out our shops and services and see what we can do for you.  By working together our schools, parks, services and the whole community can remain strong.  Moundridge Area Chamber of Commerce has 46 members and growing.

Business and Industry

Three industrial parks are an integral part of the Moundridge community, along with the agricultural aspect. Moundridge entertains a wide employment opportunity base. Industry products and production range from lawn mowers, farm related equipment, design and fabrication of metal processing equipment and tooling, construction of high quality custom build homes, food processing plants and an active and profitable agricultural base.
The Moundridge Airport is a few minutes from downtown and the industries in Moundridge are fortunate to have a place where their customers can fly in and conduct business.

Trading in national and international markets, Moridge Manufacturing, Inc. produces Grasshopper mowers.
Bradbury Company, Inc., a manufacturer of complete metal rollforming computer coordinated systems is recognized as a leading national designer and fabricator of metal handling equipment.

Mid Kansas Coop, a comparative Association, has branches in Goessel, Galva, McPherson, Groveland, Inman and Buhler.
One hundred farm-oriented men and women make up the Mid-Kansas work force. Moundridge is also the home of Kansas Independent Networks, Inc. (KINI) cellular telephone system.