Have other questions that you can't find answers to?  Email the city office: cityinfo@moundridge.com.

For the most recent minutes, agendas, or public notices click on the Minutes and Agendas button below.

The codification of the City Ordinances has been completed! If you have a question about any Ordinances, follow the link below to get the answer. The codification will be updated as new Ordinances are written, repealed or changed.http://moundridgeks.citycode.net/

City Administrator
Randy Frazer

Economic Development/Chamber Director
Murray McGee

Email: mmcgee@moundridge.com
City Treasurer
Helen Schroeder
Municipal Judge
Amie Bauer
Prosecuting Attorney
Ty Kaufman
City Attorney
Gregory Nye


Housing Authority Board Members

Rod Huxman - Housing Authority Administrator

Connie Gearhart

Jim Dalke

Carol Goebel

Vaughn Unruh

Larry Schmidt

U.S. Postal Service

111 S Christian Ave
Moundridge, KS 67107-9998
Contact: Theresa Ruth

Recreation Commission

Cory Ferralez, Director

Board Members

Jeremy Moore - President

Mark Vogts - Vice President

Gina Wedel

Shelby Graber

Michael Beasley

Planning/Zoning Board Members

Bob Barnett, Chairman

Ruth Oltmanns, Secretary

Jason Creed

Fred Goering

Brian Holloway

Calvin D Schmidt

Larry Schmidt

Park Board Members
Gina Wedel - Chair person

Courtney Warden

Rebecca Logue

Jenni Guyer

Minutes from the current meeting can be found here.

Library Board

Connie Olsen, Librarian

Board Members:

Brad Roth - President

Summer Creed - Vice President

Rachel Carpenter - Treasurer

Ann Koehn - Secretary

Scott Green

Emily Regier