The Cole House

The Cole House was built on land homesteaded by Thornton C. J. Cole and his wife, Drusilla in 1875. It was the first house built in what later became the town of Moundridge. The Cole's gave the southwest quarter of their homestead to help establish the Town of Moundridge in 1887. The Cole House was known as the halfway house due to its location of half way between McPherson and Newton, and offered shelter and hospitality to travelers who couldn't reach their destination by nightfall.

The house began as a two-room house with a lean-to kitchen and through additions is now a 15 -room house. It is unique because descendants of the Cole family have owned the house for over 120 years, as well as many of the artifacts exhibited. Members of the community have donated other artifacts. The time line of the exhibits is from 1930 and before.

Becoming a Museum

Grace Kutnink, granddaughter of Thornton and Drusilla Cole, donated the house to the City of Moundridge in 1985 to be developed as a museum.

You are invited to tour through the Cole House Museum and listen to the stories and experience the history of one family in Moundridge.

A new Heritage museum located on the museum grounds showcases the early development of the city and surrounding area. Displays feature information pertaining to religion, education, domestic arts, medicine and business.

The Agriculture Museum nearby features the history of farming in the Moundridge area, antique implements and tractors.